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I have always loved animals, I was the little girl who brought the stray dog or cat home, the one who would let your dog out when I came home for lunch from school. Our family always had dogs and cats, and I was the one, along with my mom, who fed, cared for and looked after the four-legged members of our family, it was just the way of life!


Then in 1985, a friend invited me to a sanction match (practice dog show) and there I discovered the world of purebred dogs and dog shows. I fell in love with golden retrievers and went on to acquire my first very own pedigreed show dog and established 'Goldenhearth'.  A few years later I added American Cocker Spaniels to our family and was involved with both breeds in both show and obedience. I later had twin boys which kept me sidelined for a few years but the show bug caught me again and I am back ringside, cheering on my friends and dogs! Through this wonderful hobby I have met so many people and developed life-long friendships that have brought me so much happiness and enjoyment through the years.

Goldenhearth is primarily a hobby, we do not breed very often. Each dog and puppy is special to us, they are members of our family and we love and care for them very much. Our goal is to breed a golden that displays the qualities that they have become so highly recognized for: beauty, intelligence, loyalty, and wonderful temperaments. All our breeding dogs have all the recommended certified clearances. When we do have puppies available, our objective is that each one find a home in which they will be loved and looked after as if they had stayed with us, as such we have a detailed screening practice for new families.

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